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Vintage race car from a Junk Yard Dog – Part 4

Progress on the car really started to pick up once the motor was in and fired.

My friend Keith took the dash and new Stewart Warner gauges, and pre-wired them so it would only take a short time to connect them to the car. He used high-end connectors and a modern blade fuse block. We installed fuses that would light up when they blow so it would be easy to spot with the fuse block on the dash. The gauges worked great and there were no issues with the rest of the wiring.

We ran all the wires from the rear of the car for the fuel pump and lights through a stainless steel braided hose to ensure there was no chance of one wearing or fraying. The master power switch was wired and mounted on the cowl for easy access by corner workers.

I chose a 2.3L Firecharger fire suppression system. It came with two nozzles, one for the engine compartment and one for the passenger compartment. It is a refillable system that uses a CO2 cartridge so you can refill it at the track if necessary.

The system was easy to install and didn’t take up much space on the passenger floor. I did a final once over on all the fittings prior to bolting it down in its permanent location.

With all of the mechanical and safety systems completed I turned to finishing the exterior. I had some vintage style door, hood, and boot numbers made out of vinyl and installed them. After seeing how well they turned out I then purchased and installed the ‘FP’ for the racing class I would be running in.

The number 13 was chosen as I proposed to my wife on a Friday the 13th. Everyone who saw it thought it was a mistake or a joke!

While I was waiting to hear back from Rota Wheels about a sponsorship I went ahead and purchased a set of 15×6 Rota RBs in gunmetal grey for the car. They are a +15 offset and fill out the wheel wells while not interfering with the steering.

Rota doesn’t make them with the 76mm hub opening so I had a machine shop bore them the 3mm I needed to make them fit the car.

Once the wheels were done I had the Maxxis Victra RC-1 competition tires mounted.

Now that the car is done the next segment will be about my experience at my competition licensing weekend.

Words/Photos: Brian Zana.